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ICPE 2016 – General Chairs' Welcome
Alberto Avritzer(Sonatype, Inc)

Alexandru Iosup(Delft University of Technology)

ICPE 2016 – Program Chairs' Welcome
Steffen Becker(Chemnitz University of Technology)

Xiaoyun Zhu(Futurewei Technologies)

Jerry Rolia(Hewlett Packard Labs)

Manoj Nambiar(Tata Consultancy Services)

ICPE 2016 Conference Organization

ICPE 2016 Sponsors

LT 2016

PABS 2016

WOSP-C 2016

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LT 2016 Chairs' Welcome (Page 1)
Christian Voegele (fortiss GmbH)

Zhen Ming (Jack) Jiang (York University)

Monitoring-Based Testing of Elastic Cloud Computing Applications (Page 3)
Michel Albonico (UTFPR)

Jean-Marie Mottu (University of Nantes)

Gerson Sunyé (University of Nantes)

Automated Analysis of Load Test Results of Systems with Equilibrium or Transient Behavior (Page 7)
Andre B. Bondi (Independent)

Performance Testing in Software Development: Getting the Developers on Board (Page 9)
Lubomír Bulej (Charles University)

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PABS'16 Chairs' Welcome (Page 11)
Rekha Singhal (TCS Innovation Labs)

Dheeraj Chahal (TCS Innovation Labs)

Performance Engineering for In-Memory Databases: Models, Experiments and Optimization (Page 13)
Giuliano Casale (Imperial College London)

A Constraint Programming Based Energy Aware Resource Management Middleware for Clouds Processing MapReduce Jobs with Deadlines (Page 15)
Adam Gregory (Carleton University)

Shikharesh Majumdar (Carleton University)

Challenges in Truly Scaling Services (Page 21)
Manish Gupta (Xerox Corporation)

Towards the Prediction of the Performance and Energy Efficiency of Distributed Data Management Systems (Page 23)
Raik Niemann (University of Applied Science Hof)

Tutorial on Challenges for Big Data Application Performance Tuning and Prediction (Page 29)
Rekha Singhal (TCS Innovation Labs)

Big Data Applications Performance Assurance (Page 31)
Boris Zibitsker (BEZNext)

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Foreword (Page 33)
Anne Koziolek (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Challenges in Applying Control Theory to Software Performance Engineering for Adaptive Systems (Page 35)
Davide Arcelli (University of L'Aquila)

Vittorio Cortellessa (University of L'Aquila)

Challenges with Applying Performance Testing Methods for Systems Deployed on Shared Environments with Indeterminate Competing Workloads: Position Paper (Page 41)
André B. Bondi (Independent)

Performance Mimicking Benchmarks for Multi-tier Applications (Page 45)
Subhasri Duttagupta (Tata Consultancy Services)

Mukund Kuma r(Tata Consultancy Services)

Varsha Apte (Indian Institute of Technology)

Simulation of Techniques to Improve the Utilization of Cloud Elasticity in Workload-Aware Adaptive Software (Page 51)
Diego Perez-Palacin (Politecnico di Milano)

Raffaela Mirandola (Politecnico di Milano)

Marco Scoppetta (Politecnico di Milano)

A Reference Architecture for Online Performance Model Extraction in Virtualized Environments (Page 57)
Simon Spinner (University of Würzburg)

Jürgen Walter (University of Würzburg)

Samuel Kounev (University of Würzburg)

DiffLQN: Differential Equation Analysis of Layered Queuing Networks (Page 63)
Tabea Waizmann (IMT - School for Advanced Studies)

Mirco Tribastone (IMT - School for Advanced Studies)

Execution Time Compensation for Cloud Applications by Subtracting Steal Time based on Host-Level Sampling (Page 69)
Masao Yamamoto (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)

Kohta Kohta Nakashima (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)