Mission Statement

The mission of the Cloud Working Group of SPEC RG is to facilitate and foster leading research in cloud computing through experience sharing, constructive feedback, agreement on definitions, specification of metrics, and dissemination of novel methods, techniques and tools for quantitative evaluation and analysis of cloud-based systems.

General Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Methods and metrics for quantitative evaluation of Cloud systems
    • Classical performance metrics incl. response time, throughput and efficiency
    • Elasticity
    • Performance isolation
    • Scalability
    • Dependability (with focus on availability, reliability and resilience)
    • Power consumption and energy efficiency
  • Benchmarking methodologies
  • Workload characterization and reproduction
  • Provisioning and monitoring
  • Resource management


Current Activities:

  • Reviewing existing research literature on Cloud benchmarking
  • Preparing a survey overview of Cloud usage patterns and application scenarios
  • Providing feedback on works in progress
  • Maintaining a repository of tools for Cloud evaluation
  • Interacting with, advising, and providing feedback to the SPEC OSG Cloud SubCommittee
  • Developing benchmark methodologies for the Cloud with current focus on Cloud elasticity and performance isolation
  • Defining terminologies

Potential Future Activities (based on interest):

  • Leveraging a planet-lab like facility for cloud benchmarking
  • A data repository of workload traces
  • A repository of use cases

Related Activities (by group members):

  • TU Delft: Demo Session at ICPE2015 on Graphalytics: A Big Data Benchmark for Graph-Processing Plattforms