Joining the SPEC Research Group (RG)

Any company or organization interested in RG’s mission is welcome to join. You must pay the membership fees, be willing to abide by SPEC’s bylaws, the Fair Use Rules, the Guidelines for Handling SPEC Information, and RG’s Charter. Membership is open to organizations only, not individuals.

To learn about the different Working Groups, please go to The current membership includes corporations in the area of electronics and information technology, research institutes and universities from North America, Europe and Asia. More information about RG; go to the FAQ.

If you would like to attend as a Guest before you join, please email SPEC staff with your interest and they will connect you to the appropriate Working Group Chairs or a member of the Research Group Steering Committee (RGSC). You will be required to complete a Guest Participation form before you can join a face-to-face meeting or virtual.

Benefits of membership

  • Collaborate with fellow researchers from academia and industry under an official and independent umbrella organization
  • Participate in the future of standardization work at SPEC
  • Get in contact with leading organizations in the field
  • Discuss how performance can be measured and engineered
  • Find out about novel methods and current trends
  • Increase visibility and impact of research results
  • Influence benchmark/tool development and propose/champion new benchmarks/tools.
  • Find potential employees and/or interns
  • Access SPEC RG intranet site

The following diagram illustrates the interaction of SPEC RG with industry, academia, and government as well as the potential benefits for different participants.

Membership fee and application

Membership costs $200 per year. Any organization joining after June 30th, will be invoiced for the $300; includes a credit of $100 for the current remaining year and covers the following year.

If you would like to join, please complete the membership application, then email it to The application will be submitted for review by SPEC’s Board of Directors, which takes approximately 14 days. When the process is completed, staff will be notified of your application’s status and the next steps. Options for dues payment are by check in U.S. Dollars, by credit card, or by bank transfer.

Current members

Current member organizations are listed here.