This is a collection of links related to performance evaluation research. General links are also available at SPEC Performance Web Sites List. Proposals for including additional links should be sent to the SPEC RG release manager ( rg-releasemanager(at)spec(dot)org).


  • Chair of Software Engineering
    Samuel Kounev, University of Wuerzburg

    Methods, techniques and tools for the engineering of self-aware systems and services. Focus areas include autonomic management of system quality-of-service, dependability, resource-efficiency and energy-efficiency throughout the system lifecycle.

  • Distributed And Dependable Systems Group (D3S)
    Petr Tůma, Charles University in Prague

    Performance evaluation of distributed systems, regression benchmarking during software development, performance models of system resources.

  • Software And Programmer Efficiency Research Group (SAPE)
    Matthias Hauswirth, University of Lugano

    Works in the domain of programming languages, runtime systems, and software engineering, with a focus on the efficiency of software. Publication highlights include multiple papers dealing with measurement accuracy issues.

  • Software Design And Quality Group (SDQ)
    Ralf Reussner, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

    Component-based architectures and model-driven engineering, with focus on model reverse engineering and performance modeling. The Palladio approach to software quality originated in this group.

  • Software Engineering Group @ Kiel
    Willi Hasselbring, Kiel University

    Among other topics, software system quality such as availability, reliability, and performance, distributed systems monitoring. The Kieker monitoring system originated in this group.

  • System Performance Lab @ Ghent
    Lieven Eeckhout, Ghent University

    Computer architectures in general, performance analysis, evaluation and modeling in particular. Publication highlights include works on workload characterization and workload reduction techniques.

  • Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (PDS)
    Alexandru Iosup, TU Delft

    Working on performance and resource management for large-scale distributed systems like cloud, grid, and peer-to-peer computing systems and for massively multiplayer online games.