About the RG Cloud Working Group

The RG Cloud Group of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) is taking a broad approach, relevant for both academia and industry, to cloud benchmarking, quantitative evaluation, and experimental analysis. The scope of the group is to develop new methodological elements for gaining deeper understanding not only of cloud performance, but also of cloud operation and behavior, through diverse quantitative evaluation tools, including benchmarks, metrics, and workload generators.

This group focuses on novel cloud properties such as elasticity, performance isolation, dependability, and other non-functional system properties, in addition to classical performance-related metrics such as response time, throughput, scalability, and efficiency. Our work towards benchmark prototypes includes designing reference architectures, standardizing use cases, observing patterns, and methods for reproducibility. Through our mission, we focus on novel cloud paradigms such as Functions-as-a-Service, Serverless Computing, clouds integrating fog and edge devices, Convergence of HPC and Big Data as cloud services.

How to join the RG Cloud Working Group?

The RG Cloud Working Group is a part of the SPEC Research Group. In order to join the RG Cloud Working Group, all prospective members must follow the process of joining the SPEC Research Group, which is described in the Membership and Meetings section of the FAQ