About the RG Predictive Data Analytics Group

The research field of data analytics/science has grown significantly in recent years as a means to make sense of the vast amount of available data. It has permeated every aspect of computer science and engineering and is heavily involved in business decision-making. For example, in the field of performance engineering, performance prediction is an instrument for controlling and improving the behaviour of a system. Analogously, data analytics is playing an essential role for companies. In both examples, the streamlining of data analytics processes (DataOps) enables multi-tenant access to data and models. In addition, the striving for reproducible and reliable evaluations prohibits “data analytics by server under desk” approaches and demands generic architectures and software stacks.

The RG Predictive Data Analytics Group is interested in fostering the interaction between industry and academia by contributing research towards standardization and benchmarking of the different aspects involved in data analytics. To this end, the members of this group investigate data analytics-related methodologies, systems, and metrics. Another important goal is to foster open data and promote the reproducibility of experiments and benchmarking of data analytics methods.

Our topics of interest can be found here.

How to join the RG Predictive Data Analytics Group

The RG Predictive Data Analytics Group is a part of the SPEC Research Group. In order to join the RG Power Working Group, all prospective members must follow the process of joining the SPEC Research Group, which is described on the Membership page.

Any company or organization interested in the work of the Research Group is welcome to join.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and write andre(dot)bauer(at)uni-wuerzburg(dot)de.