Mission Statement

The overarching goal of the Predictive Data Analytics Working Group is to bridge the missing links between all the facets involved in data analytics, namely big data storage and provisioning, data versioning, and performance evaluation. To this end, our ambition is to standardise and benchmark the entire data lifecycle, i.e., the analytics/prediction methods and especially pipelines for data analytics ranging from big data storage and preprocessing to analytics and assessment as well as to provide heuristics for the selection of tools, patterns, and infrastructure.

General Topics of Interest

The interests of the group lies in but is not limited to:

  1. Performance Forecasting and Anomaly Detection
  2. Time Series
    1. Clustering/Segmentation
    2. Feature Engineering
    3. Synthesis/Imputation
    4. Data Quality Assessment
    5. Algorithm Performance Benchmarking
  3. Streamlining the data science process (DataOps)
  4. Benchmarking of Big Data Infrastructure