The RG Cloud Working Group meets every fourth week via teleconference while sub-groups meet on demand. Representatives of the member organizations also meet face-to-face at conferences and workshops sponsored or organized by the Research Group. A regular annual meeting is normally organized as part of a scientific workshop, namely Hot Topics on Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf)co-located usually with the ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE).

For more information on how to join the meetings please see the How to Join the RG Cloud Working Groupsection.


Date Topic Presenter Materials
2016‑10‑25 Chameleon: Design and Evaluation of a Proactive, Application-Aware Elasticity Mechanism Slides
2015‑04‑14 BUNGEE: IaaS Cloud Elasticity Benchmark Slides
2015‑03‑31 Statistical Characterization of Business-Critical Workloads Hosted in Cloud Datacenters Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft) Slides
2014‑04‑15 A Multi-Cloud Framework for Measuring and Describing Performance Aspects of Cloud Services Across Different Application Types George Kousiouris (ICCS/NTUA) Slides
2012‑11‑29 Inside Dropbox: Understanding Personal Cloud Storage Services Idilio Drago (Univ. of Twente) Slides
2012‑10‑17 CoCoMa - A Framework for Controlled Contentious and Malicious Patterns Carmelo Ragusa (SAP Research) Slides
2012‑05‑30 Metrics and Techniques for Quantifying Performance Isolation in Cloud Environments Rouven Krebs (SAP Research) Slides
2012‑05‑15 CloudSuite: Benchmarking Emerging Scale-out Applications Almutaz Adileh (EFPL)  
2012‑04‑18 Benchmarking Elasticity of Virtualized Resources Nikolas Herbst (KIT)  
2012‑01‑25 CloudBench: A multi-dimensional cloud-independent meta-benchmark Marcio Silva (IBM)  
2012‑01‑12 Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft) Slides
2011‑12‑14 Research at Performance Modeling and Evaluation at TU Delft (2004-) Alexandru Iosup (TU Delft) Slides
2011‑11‑30 Comparing Map/Reduce-Style Processing Techniques Alexander Alexandrov (TU Berlin)  
2011‑11‑02 Taxonomy for Cloud Computing and Common Cloud Usage Patterns Michael Faber (KIT) Slides
2011‑10‑19 Summary of Existing Cloud Benchmark Efforts and Proposed Next Steps for RG Cloud Michael Faber (KIT) Slides
2011‑09‑21 Presentation about current status of the OSG-Cloud group Rema Hariharan (AMD) Slides
2011‑09‑07 The Impact of Virtualization on Network Performance of Amazon EC2 Data Center Guohui Wang (Rice University)  
2011‑08‑10 Comparing public cloud providers Salman Baset (IBM)  
2011‑07‑27 An Evaluation of Alternative Architectures for Transaction Processing in the Cloud Tim Kraska (UC Berkeley) Slides
2011‑06‑29 How is the Weather tomorrow? Towards a Benchmark for the Cloud Tim Kraska (UC Berkeley) Slides
2011‑06‑15 Benchmarking Cloud Services Enno Folkerts (SAP)  
2011‑06‑01 How A Consumer Can Measure Elasticity for Cloud Platforms Kevin Lee Slides
2011‑05‑18 Live Migration (LM) Benchmark Research Kejiang Ye (Zhejiang University) Slides