New Textbook on Systems Benchmarking

Friday, January 8, 2021 16:22

A new textbook on the topic of systems benchmarking written by SPEC RG Members was published by Springer International Publishing.

This book should be required reading for anyone interested in making good benchmarks.

More information can be found on the book web site at:

Teaching materials (slides and exercises) will be provided later for those interested in using the book for teaching a course on the topic. :::

The following colleagues from industry (in alphabetical order) reviewed individual chapters and provided valuable feedback: Walter Bays, Hansfried Block, Karla Orozco Bucek, John Henning, Scott Hinchley, Supriya Kamthania, Mukund Kumar, Kris Langenfeld, Pranay Mahendra, John R. Mashey, Luis Mendoza, Sriranga Nadiger, Daniel Pol, Jesse Rangel, Nishant Rawtani, Jeff Reilly, David Reiner, Sanjay Sharma, and Rajesh Tadakamadla.