New Tool Accepted

Wednesday, November 11, 2020 09:14

Mowgli: evaluation framework for cloud-hosted DBMS

A new tool was accepted for SPEC RG's repository of peer-reviewed tools for quantitative system evaluation and analysis: Mowgli.

Mowgli provides a comprehensive evaluation framework for cloud-hosted DBMS that supports the evaluation objectives performance, scalability, elasticity and availability. Mowgli fully automates the DBMS evaluation process for each evaluation objective, i.e. allocating cloud resources, deploying the DBMS on the allocated resources, executing the workloads, executing runtime adaptations (elasticity objective) and injecting cloud resource failures (availability objective), releasing the cloud resources and processing the objective-specific metrics. Evaluations are defined in reusable JSON-based definitions that enables portable and reproducible evaluations.

Mowgli builds upon a distributed architecture that includes multiple software components to abstract cloud resource allocation, application deployment, workload execution and runtime adaptions.

These components communicate via REST-interfaces that are defined by the Swagger OpenAPI specification. Each component is encapsulated as docker container and the framework is deployed via a single docker-compose file. Mowgli provides a basic web-based user interface as well as REST-API for easy integration in other services.

Mowgli supports evaluations on AWS EC2 and OpenStack resources. It supports multiple DBMS, such as Apache Cassandra, CockraochDB or MongoDB and established DBMS benchmarks such as YCSB or TPC-C. Its loosely coupled architecture also eases the integration of additional technologies. More details can be found in the documentation and the associated publications.

Go to Mowgli page at RG website</tools/>.