New Tool Accepted: inspectIT

Monday, June 13, 2016 06:42

An open source application performance management solution

A new tool was accepted for SPEC RG's repository of peer-reviewed tools for quantitative system evaluation and analysis: inspectIT.

inspectIT is the open source APM solution to analyze the behavior of enterprise software applications and to diagnose problems. Software performance experts can monitor execution traces from applications under analysis and drill down into traces to isolate the root causes of performance problems. The rich graphical user interface pays attention to deliver great user experience designed to support the tasks of a performance expert's daily business in diagnosing problems. inspectIT ships with out-of-the-box instrumentation profiles for commonly used Java technologies like Java Persistence (Hibernate, JPA, JDBC), JavaEE (Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets API, Java Server Faces, WebServices, Java Transactions), Apache Struts, and Apache MyFaces Trinidad. The supported application platforms range from popular application servers like IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic, JBoss, Wildfly, Tomcat, Glassfish to any plain Java application. Read more...</tools/>.