DevOps Performance Working Group Launched

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 04:00

The newly formed working group is concerned with combining application performance management (APM) and software performance engineering (SPE) activities for business-critical application systems

The need for a better SPE/APM integration is driven by an increased interrelation of development and operation teams in corporate environments due to DevOps concepts. SPE proposes to start performance evaluations by transforming software design models into performance models. These performance models need to be parameterized with estimates of resource demands to derive meaningful predictions. APM tools enable the collection of fine-grained monitoring information of a running system. This monitoring information has the potential to significantly increase the accuracy of the performance model predictions during the complete life-cycle of a software system.

The DevOps Performance Working Group fosters and facilitates research in combining APM and SPE activities, e.g., by experience sharing, agreement on definitions, specification of metrics, and dissemination of novel methods, techniques, and tools for quantitative evaluation. Topics of Interest