SPEC RG Face-to-Face Meeting 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 04:00

The third SPEC RG Face-to-Face Meeting took place on April 24-25, 2013 at the ICPE 2013 Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

Over 30 member representatives from industry and academia attended this year's face-to-face meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. The meeting included a look back on the achievements of the past year, for example, the rapid growth of the Research Group, the establishment of the new IDS Working Group [1], and the publications of the newsletter [2] and technical report on cloud usage patterns [3]. Furthermore, several issues including proposals for new research projects, working groups, research tools and benchmarks were discussed vividly.

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The SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award was established in 2011 to recognize outstanding dissertations within the scope of the SPEC Research Group in terms of scientific originality, scientific significance, practical relevance, impact, and quality of the presentation.

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