FINCoS is a set of benchmarking tools for load generation and performance measurement of event processing (EP) systems. It provides a flexible and neutral approach through which users, researchers and engineers can quickly run realistic performance tests on one or more EP platforms without having to code themselves load generation, performance measurement and event conversion routines.

FINCoS can be used to evaluate any EP system capable of exchanging events via the standard JMS API. In addition, an extensible set of adapters allow the framework to communicate directly with event processing platforms, using their own vendor-provided APIs.

The framework offers a wide range of options in the definition and execution of experimental evaluations. Users can choose to define fully-customizable synthetic workloads to stress specific aspects of event processing platforms or use real event traces as input to mimic their own environment. In addition, the test workload can be split into multiple phases, each with its individual characteristics (e.g., event types, input rates, arrival process). Load generation and result processing can be distributed across multiple nodes, and centrally orchestrated using the FINCoS Controllerapplication. Performance metrics (throughput and latency) can then be visualized both after test completion and during runtime, using the FINCoS Performance Monitortool.

FINCoS is intended to be used both by end-users of event processing platforms, willing to evaluate the performance of candidate solutions, and also by researchers working on the development of novel benchmarks for the area.


  • Java 6 or later



  • Marcelo Mendes
  • Pedro Bizarro
  • Paulo Marques


  • Marcelo Mendes, mnunes(at)
    University of Coimbra, Software and Systems Engineering (SSE) group






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