Tools Submission Portal

The SPEC RG tools submission portal is open for all submissions of tools for quantitative evaluation and analysis. The scope of the tools covers system evaluation and analysis with respect to both classical performance metrics, such as response time, throughput, scalability and efficiency, as well as other non-functional system properties included under the term dependability, e.g., availability, reliability, and security. In particular, tools for measurement, monitoring, profiling, workload characterization, load testing, stress testing and resilience testing are solicited.

The license associated with the tool code (if any) must allow modification, redistribution in source or binary formats by SPEC RG or any other entity on an "AS IS" basis with no explicit or implicit warranties or guarantees. Any license model that fits in this model is acceptable.

Submission Process

  • The intial step is a request for submission. The submitter prepares a short project description(1-3 pages), a short motivation(1-3 pages) why the tool is a contribution to the community, and name and contact informationof the submitter. This information should be sent to the SPEC RG release manager ( rg-releasemanager(at)spec(dot)org).
  • After the inital acceptance, SPEC RG provides an infrastructure for the submitter if required to upload an initial version of the tool, including description, source codeand/or binaries documentationincluding a user's guide.
  • The tool will then be reviewed by SPEC RG and several independent experts. If the tool cannot be accepted in the current state, the submitter is asked to revise and enhance the tool or the documentation.
  • If the tool is accepted, the submitter receives a tool submission formand is asked to provide further information(e.g. maintainers and contributors) and requirements(e.g. operating system) of the tool. This form and the tool comprise the final submission.
  • After the final submission, SPEC RG publishes and hosts the latest version of the tool. If you update the tool, please inform SPEC RG release manager of fixes and new versions. New releases may but don't necessarily have to be reviewed again.
  • The submission process normally takes less than 4 months (+ 2 months per additional revision cycle) and is illustrated below.

Submission Process Diagram