Saturday, 17 April 2021


Find below publications related to the RG Quality of Experience Working Group.


SPEC endorsed publications and benchmarking guidelines

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Publications of members of SPEC RG QoE related to the working groups.

Subgroup Crowdsourcing-based Performance Benchmarking 

  • Hoßfeld, T., Wunderer, S., Beyer, A., Hall, A., Schwind, A., Gassner, C., Guillemin, F., Wamser, F., Wascinski, K., Hirth, M., Seufert, M., Casas, P., Tran-Gia, P., Robitza, W., Wascinski, W., Ben Houidi, Z.: White Paper on Crowdsourced Network and QoE Measurements – Definitions, Use Cases and Challenges. Würzburg (2020).
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Subgroup Benchmarking of Music Streaming Towards Quality of Experience