Sunday, 16 May 2021

About the RG Quality of Experience Working Group

In recent years, Quality of Experience (QoE) has become an important means of determining customer satisfaction for all types of services on the Internet. QoE goes beyond the simple determination of objective evaluations and incorporates subjective user views and contextual factors. With the proliferation of Internet services, telecommunications networks and specialized software in daily environments, QoE provides a tool to assess and compare applications and their associated ecosystem.

Accurate and representative measurement and characterization of the QoE is needed to correlate QoE values with deployment options or optimizations for software and networks. Furthermore, benchmarking a system requires an exact model of the QoE for each class of application. As a result, there are currently a variety of different definitions in various research areas, including telecommunications, hardware development and, in particular, application and software development. Consequently, there is widespread interest in the term „Quality of Experience".

In the Quality of Experience Research Group we try to consolidate, summarize, and categorize different definitions of QoE. The group shall be the starting point for the release of QoE ideas, QoE approaches, QoE measurement tools, and QoE assessment paradigms. We seek to stimulate collaboration between industry and research through the exchange of ideas, and want to use the group to promote the usefulness of QoE and highlight its scope.

How to join the RG Quality of Experience?

The RG Quality of Experience is a part of the SPEC Research Group. In order to join the RG Quality of Experience, all prospective members must follow the process of joining the SPEC Research Group, which is described in the Membership and Meetings section of the FAQ.

Any company or organization interested in the work of the Research Group is welcome to join.