Group Publications

The following publications document results of larger group activities:

Jamshidi, Reiner Jung, Joakim von Kistowski, Anne Koziolek, Johannes

Performance-oriented DevOps: A Research Agenda. Technical Report
SPEC-RG-2015-01, SPEC Research Group - DevOps Performance Working Group,
Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), August 2015. [Link:

How is Performance Addressed in DevOps? A Survey on Industrial
in the DevOps World. CoRR abs/1709.08951 (2017) [Link:]

- Fabian Beck, Alexandre Bergel, Cor-Paul Bezemer, Katherine E. Isaacs:

Visualizing systems and software performance - Report on the GI-Dagstuhl
seminar for young researchers, July 9-13, 2018. PeerJ PrePrints 6:]

The publications endorsed by SPEC RG are available at the publication page.