Sunday, 05 July 2020

Mission Statement

The mission of the Research Group on Big Data is to facilitate research in performance methodologies for benchmarking Big Data systems by engaging industry and academia in these efforts. Big Data has become a major force of innovation across enterprises of all sizes. New architectures claiming to support Big Data are being announced almost on a weekly basis with increasingly more features for managing big datasets. Yet, there is currently no good definition for what constitutes a Big Data system, nor any means for fair comparisons among such systems.

General Topics of Interest

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Differentiating Big Data applications from traditional large database applications, e.g., OLTP, OLAP
  • Defining clear goals for the aspects of a Big Data system that are important to measure
  • Developing sound rules and metrics to measure the performance of Big Data systems
  • Developing tools to help instantiate sample Big Data systems
  • Fostering collaboration among related benchmarking efforts
  • Filling gaps in the Big Data benchmarking state of the art