Saturday, 17 April 2021
Friday, 22. November 2019 06:14

New Tool Accepted

TeaStore: a micro-service reference and test application for scientific and industrial benchmarks and tests.

A new tool was accepted for SPEC RG's repository of peer-reviewed tools for quantitative system evaluation and analysis: TeaStore.

The TeaStore is a micro-service reference and test application to be used in benchmarks and tests. The TeaStore emulates a basic web store for automatically generated, tea and tea supplies. As it is primarily a test application, it features UI elements for database generation and service resetting in addition to the store itself.

It is a distributed micro-service application featuring five distinct services plus a registry. Each service may be replicated without limit and deployed on separate devices as desired. Services communicate using REST and using the Netflix Ribbon client side load balancer. Each service also comes in a pre-instrumented variant that uses Kieker to provide detailed information about the TeaStore's actions and behavior.

The TeaStore supports three different deployment models, traditional deployment in an application server, individual docker containers or in a Kubernetes cluster.


More tools are currently under review and further submissions are encouraged. After a careful review process, the tools are published on the SPEC RG website. The tools are redistributed without modification and the submitter retains the associated rights and responsibilities.

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