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Tuesday, 05. March 2019 11:15

New Artefact Accepted: Alberta Workloads

The Alberta Workloads for the SPEC CPU® 2017 Benchmark Suite: a collection of additional workloads for the SPEC CPU2017 Benchmark Suite.

A new artefact was accepted for SPEC RG's repository of peer-reviewed tools for quantitative system evaluation and analysis:The Alberta Workloads for the SPEC CPU® 2017 Benchmark Suite.

he intent of these new workloads is to enable a more complete evaluation of techniques that depend on information gathered during previous executions of the same program such as compilation that use feedback directed optimization and architectural proposals that use automated learning. These additional workloads are not intended to be used for performance measurements that would be subsequently used to compare computing platforms for the sake of commercial or advertising claims. These additional workloads also cannot be used to produce performance results that are submitted for official publication in the SPEC website. For that you must follow the rules published by the SPEC Open Systems Group.

To assist researchers with the selection of inputs for their experiments, an initial evaluation of the effect of the change in inputs on the behaviour of the benchmark programs is also included in this website. While incomplete, this initial performance study can be used to determine, for instance, which program behaviours are more sensitive to changes in the program inputs.

A likely user of these workloads will be setting up an experimental environment that is different than the one use by runcpu to generate standarized results. Such a user should still be familiar with several aspects of the process for building and running a benchmark. The SPEC CPU 2017 suite distribution includes the Avoiding runcpu documentation that shall be relevant for such user.


More tools are currently under review and further submissions are encouraged. After a careful review process, the tools are published on the SPEC RG website. The tools are redistributed without modification and the submitter retains the associated rights and responsibilities.

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