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Wednesday, 13. June 2018 03:29

Call for Contributions: 10th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE 2019)

The conference will be held in Mumbai, India on April 7-11, 2019. This year's main theme is "performance engineering in the Artificial Intelligence era."

The International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) is the leading international forum for presenting and discussing novel ideas, innovations, trends and experiences in the field of performance engineering. Modern systems, such as big data and machine learning environments,  data centers and cloud infrastructures, social networks, peer-to-peer, mobile and wireless systems, cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things or more traditional ones such as web-based or real-time systems, rely increasingly on distributed and dynamic architectures and pose a challenge to their  end-to-end performance management.

ICPE brings together researchers and practitioners to report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on performance engineering of software and systems, including performance measurement, modeling, benchmark design, and run-time performance management. The focus is both on classical metrics such as response time, throughput, resource utilization, and (energy) efficiency, as well as on the relationship of such metrics to other system properties including but not limited to scalability, elasticity, availability, reliability, cost, sustainability, security and privacy.

This year's main theme is "performance engineering in the Artificial  Intelligence era."  We are looking for contributions that use AI techniques to enhance the performance modeling, estimation, and optimization of complex systems. At the same time we are looking for contributions that analyze and improve AI systems.

The call for contributions along with more details are to be found on
the ICPE 2018 website and latest news on Twitter