Saturday, 17 April 2021
Thursday, 20. November 2014 00:00

Big Data Working Group Launched

The newly formed working group is a continuation of the Big Data Benchmarking Community under the SPEC Research umbrella

Realizing the lack of methodologies and tools to measure the performance of big data processing tools, Chaitan Baru, Tilmann Rabl, Milind Bhandarkar, Meikel Poess, and Raghu Nambiar founded the Big Data Benchmark Community (BDBC) in 2012. In order to congregate the big data community, both academia and industry, they organized the WBDB workshop series. It was kicked off in San Jose, CA on May 2012 and followed up with three workshops in India, China, and Germany. Between meetings, bi-weekly conference calls were held to present big data solutions and ideas for benchmarking them.

In April 2014, the Big Data Benchmark Community (BDBC) joined the SPEC RG and formed a working group to continue its work in the more formal setting of SPEC. The mission of the Big Data Working Group is to facilitate research and to engage industry leaders for defining and developing performance methodologies of big data applications. The group currently focuses on positioning big data applications in relation to traditional large database applications, DW, OLAP, etc., devising clear goals as to what aspects of a big data system are important to measure, developing sound rules and metrics to measure the performance of big data systems, developing tools aiding in creating sample big data systems, fostering collaboration between benchmarking efforts, and filling gaps in current big data benchmarking.