Saturday, 05 December 2020

Session 14: SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award

Monitoring-as-a-Service in the Cloud


Shicong Meng (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Ling Liu (Georgia Institute of Technology)


State monitoring is a fundamental building block for Cloud services. The demand for providing state monitoring as services (MaaS) continues to grow and is evidenced by Cloud-Watch from Amazon EC2, which allows Cloud consumers to pay for monitoring a selection of performance metrics with coarse-grained periodical sampling of runtime states. This dissertation research [1], awarded with the SPEC Distinguished Dissertation Award 2012, is dedicated to innovative research and development of an elastic framework for providing state monitoring as a service. We analyze limitations of existing techniques, systematically identify the need and the challenges at different layers of a Cloud monitoring service platform, and develop a suite of distributed monitoring techniques to support flexible monitoring infrastructure, cost-effective state monitoring and monitoring-enhanced Cloud management.

DOI: 10.1145/2479871.2479929

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