Saturday, 19 September 2020
  • Letter from the General Chairs (Full text: PDF)
    Alan Adamson (WOSP/SIPEW 2010 General Co-Chair for SPEC)
    André B. Bondi (WOSP/SIPEW 2010 General Co-Chair for ACM WOSP)
  • Message from the Program Co-Chairs (Full text: PDF)
    Carlos Juiz (WOSP/SIPEW 2010 Program Co-Chair
    Mark S. Squillante (WOSP/SIPEW 2010 Program Co-Chair)
  • The Mission and History of WOSP: Workshop on Software and Performance (Full text: PDF)
    Connie Smith (WOSP Steering Committee Chair)
    Murray Woodside (WOSP Steering Committee Chair)
  • WOSP/SIPEW 2010 Organization (Full text: PDF)