Friday, 30 July 2021


the following three topics in detail in the area of Quality of Experience

  1. ,
  2. Crowdsourcing-based Performance Benchmarking,
  3. Benchmarking of Music Streaming Towards Quality of Experience.

deals with the case of joint assessment of multiple users and applications in a common scenario. QoE is used here as a comparison metric. The aim is to be able to weigh different user ratings and experiences across application boundaries. The QoE should reflect a value that represents the satisfaction equally for multiple different applications. An example are applications running in a cloud system that share the cloud host's resources. With QoE fairness, it can be evaluated which application works better than the other running applications. This results in system-independent measured values that are based solely on the experience and satisfaction of the users of the applications. With this, a system configuration can be changed to balance the satisfaction of all users of applications in the cloud system. Under certain circumstances, this can also be an unfair allocation of resources, which then, in turn, results in a fair QoE for all users. This is because applications need different resources to deliver good or acceptable QoE to their users.

This interest group deals with all topics related to the term QoE fairness and welcomes interested parties.

Crowdsourcing-based Performance