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Kieker is a framework for monitoring and analyzing the runtime behavior of distributed software systems. Focusing on application-level behavior, Kieker includes measurement probes for collecting timing and trace information from executions of software operations; but probes for sampling system-level measures, e.g., CPU utilization and memory usage, are included as well. Many of the Kieker monitoring probes rely on aspect-oriented programming (AOP) technology, such as AspectJ or middleware interception (Servlet filters, SOAP message interceptors etc.). The collected data can be written to configured monitoring logs and streams, such as file systems, databases, JMS queues etc – supporting both online and offline analysis. Corresponding readers pass the monitoring data to registered plugins for further processing. Kieker includes a number of plugins for reconstructing, analyzing, and visualizing software architectural models, for example, calling dependency graphs, call trees, and sequence diagrams. In addition to the components already included in the framework, Kieker provides support for implementing and using custom monitoring probes, time sources, monitoring readers and writers, monitoring record types, and analysis plug-ins.

Kieker has been designed for continuous monitoring in production environments, imposing only a low performance overhead. Use cases in teaching, research, and practice include the following areas: performance evaluation, self-adaptation control (e.g., online capacity management), failure detection and diagnosis, simulation (replaying workload traces for driving simulations; measurement and logging of simulation data; analysis of simulation results), and software re-engineering (e.g., extraction of architectural and usage models).

  • Java 8 or later.
  • Wilhelm Hasselbring,
  • André van Hoorn,
  • Reiner Jung
    and others.
  • André van Hoorn, van.hoorn(at)

    University of Stuttgart, Reliable Software Systems Group
    Universitätsstraße 38, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany

  • Reiner Jung, reiner.jung(at)

    Kiel University, Software Engineering Group
    Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4, 24118 Kiel, Germany
  • 1.14
  • Apache License, Version 2.0
Publications/ Projects using the tool


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