Friday, 04 December 2020

Overview of Past Winners

Year Name Dissertation Title University Full Text
2019 Guanpeng Li Understanding and modeling error propagation in programs University of British Columbia Hosted by SPEC RG
2018 Nikolas Herbst Methods and Benchmarks for Auto-Scaling Mechanisms in Elastic Cloud Environments JMU, Würzburg Hosted by SPEC RG
2018 Matteo Nardelli QoS-aware Deployment and Adaptation of Data Stream Processing Applications in Geo-distributed Environments University of Rome Hosted by SPEC RG
2017 Aleksandar Milenkoski Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems in Virtualized Environments JMU, Würzburg Hosted by SPEC RG
2016 Scott Beamer III Understanding and Improving Graph Algorithm Performance University of California, Berkeley Hosted by SPEC RG
2015 Yufei Ren Scalable End-to-End Data I/O over Enterprise and Data-Center Networks Stony Brook University Hosted by SPEC RG
2014 Nadav Amit Alleviating Virtualization Bottlenecks Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Hosted by SPEC RG
2013 Anshul Gandhi Dynamic Server Provisioning for Data Center Power Management Carnegie Mellon University Hosted by CMU
2012 Shicong Meng Monitoring-As-A-Service in the Cloud Georgia Institute of Technology Hosted by SPEC RG
2011 Luk Van Ertvelde Workload Generation for Microprocessor Performance Evaluation Universiteit Gent Hosted by SPEC RG
2011 Kai Sachs Performance Modeling and Benchmarking of Event-Based Systems Technische Universität Darmstadt Hosted by TU Darmstadt